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Murdoch is a research-led university, which focuses on multidisciplinary translational research with real-life impact. We apply new knowledge from the lab and insights from public 政策 debates to real world challenges, 改善业务, 政策, 实践 和结果. Everything we do is focused on better serving society and supporting the environments we live in.

We engage with global challenges, the ‘wicked’ problems of the near future. Our rapidly evolving world has emerging complex problems with interconnected causes: climate change, 土地退化, 粮食和水安全, 少数民族的劣势, population growth and ageing, and emerging infectious disease.

To address these challenges, Murdoch research is a team effort crossing traditional discipline boundaries. We work across institutional, national and international borders. Much of our inspiration and innovation comes from our local 社区 and industry-based partnerships, as well as our international collaborations.


Our research approach is detailed in our strategy and plans:


Our specific strengths are focused across three broad themes.



探索 public 政策 in action with 默多克委员会.